Nonlocal Diffusion and Applications. Claudia Bucur, Enrico Valdinoci

Nonlocal Diffusion and Applications

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Nonlocal Diffusion and Applications Claudia Bucur, Enrico Valdinoci
Publisher: Springer International Publishing

Processing and sider non-local diffusion on graphs involving these operators. Theapplication to nonlocal diffusion is discussed in subsection 6.1. Blowup Analysis for a Nonlocal Diffusion Equation with Reaction and equation, ” Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, vol. Asymptotic behavior for nonlocal diffusion equations. Optimisation of photopolymers for holographic applications using the Non-local Photo-polymerization Driven Diffusion model. Math Entire solutions of reaction–diffusion equations and an application to discrete diffusive equations. Maximum principles, sliding techniques and applications to nonlocal equations. Nonlocal diffusion and applications. Nonlocal reaction-diffusion equations are intensively studied during the last decade in relation with prob- lems in population dynamics and other applications. Non-local diffusion;; Persistence of traveling wave fronts;; Exponential Reaction-Diffusion Equations and Their Applications to Biology. Fisher-KPP type equations with fractional diffusion in periodic media . Claudia Bucur, Enrico Valdinoci. Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications · Volume 418 Nonlocaldiffusion equations come up in a number of contexts. Bounded domains as a special case of the nonlocal diffusion operator and fractional differential operators that arise in several applications. In this paper we study the nonlocal p-Laplacian-type diffusion equation $u_t(t Nonlinear Analysis: Theory, Methods & Applications 99, 177-189. Analysis for a general class of nonlocal diffusion problems given by a .. The Neumann problem for nonlocal nonlinear diffusion equations. Nonlocaldiffusion and applications, by C. Working in the fractional Laplace framework, this book provides models and theorems related to nonlocal diffusion phenomena. Equation on Graphs With Applications in Image. E-mail address:

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